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Tours will be arranged by a travel agency. If you would like to participate in a tour, please complete a tour reservation form and send to 11ICG Official Travel Agency, I Love Seoul Tour Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: Ms. Jiin Shin   /   Tel : +82-(0)2-730-1090, Fax : +82-(0)2-730-1074   /   E-mail : support@iloveseoultour.com
※ The provincial tour will NOT be held from Saturday, September 22 to Tuesday, September 25 to celebrate Korea's Thanksgiving holiday.
Also, the itinerary of some other tours can be changed/altered as some tourist spots will be closed during this time.
Half Day DMZ Tour
Date/Time 07:00am~14:00pm
Itinerary COEX → Imjingak Park→ Freedom Bridge→ Pass by Unification Village→ DMZ Theater→ Exhibition Hall→ The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel→ Dorasan Observatory→ Dorasan Train Station→ Imjingak Park→ Drop-off at City Hall or Myeongdong
Price KRW 55,000 / person (Minimum 1person basis)
Conditions English Speaking tour guide, Transportation, All Admission is included.
Description The DMZ is a place of both hope and tension.
Join us for a half-day tour of the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, one of the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. more
Tour Information
The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel
The 3rd Tunnel was discovered in 1978 by South Korean forces. It spans over 1,635m in length, 2m in width, and 2m in height and is located 52km from Seoul. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 soldiers could move through the tunnel per hour. The scale is similar to the 2nd Tunnel, but it was thought to be more threatening as an invasion tool than the 1st and 2nd Tunnels. Located only 4km away from Imjingak toward the southwest and 3.5km from the Tongilchon area, it is accessible by car in about 45 minutes.
Dorasan Train Station
Dorasan Station, a railway station on the Gyeongui Line, is the northernmost stop on South Korea's railway line. It can be reached by getting on the Gyeongui Line from Seoul Station. After presenting your identification at Imjingang Station, you can get on a train bound for Dorasan Station. Since this area is within the Civilian Control Zone (CCZ), visitors and tourists are only granted access after presenting a valid identification document at Imjingang Station.
Charming Korea Afternoon Tour
Date/Time 12:50pm~17:30pm
Itinerary COEX→ Hanbok Rental Shop(Change into Hanbok) → Chandeokgung Palace → Hanbok Rental Shop(Change into Clothes) → Traditional Tea Cafe (Tea Included) → BukchonHanok Village → Bukchon Cultural Center Bukchon Best Photo Zone (View #4, #5, #6) → KodurangHanok → Dongip Knot Workshop(40 minutes) → Drop-off at Insadong or Myeongdong
Price KRW 105,000 / person (Minimum 2 people basis)
Conditions Tea, English speaking guide, transportation service and all admission is included.
Description Enjoy this half-day afternoon tour of Seoul, highlights of which include: BukchonHanok Village, Changdeokgung Palace. Try on Traditional Korean Clothing, Hanbok, and make beautiful bracelets in the Dongip Knot Workshop. Have tea at a Traditional Tea Cafe and feel the atmosphere of Korea. more
Tour Information
Chandeokgung Palace
It is one of the most well preserved royal palaces from Joseon Dynasty. Built by King Taejong in 1405, it has been the primary palace for around 270 years after its restoration in 1610 from destructions by Japanese invasion. It served as the place for 13 kings including the last monarch managing state affairs. In 1997, Changdeokgung Palace was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage for its natural setting in perfect harmony with architectural buildings. Taking up two thirds of the palace, Rear Garden as known as Secret Garden served as a resting space for the royal family members during the reign of King Taejong. Visitors are impressed by the beautiful landscape of autumn leaves in Fall, as it is the loveliest season to walk around the garden.
BukchonHanok Village
Bukchon as known as "the street museum in the urban core," this Hanok Village dates back to the 14th century.
It consists of hundreds of traditional homes called Hanok, many of which today are cultural centers, traditional museums, restaurants and tea houses, although it is still a residential area. Visitors can get a pure glimpse of the Joseon Dynasty while walking through alleys. The hilltop offers beautiful scenery of the village, surrounding areas such as Blue House. They also get the chance to learn about the history from Bukchon’s historic sites and cultural heritages dating back from theJoseon Dynasty to modern times.
Royal Palace and Shopping Full Day Tour
Date/Time 08:00am~17:00pm
Itinerary COEX→ The windows of tour ”Deoksugung, Sungnyemun, Seoul Station” (No Pass by to Deoksugung on Tuesdays) → Cheonggyecheon Stream→ The main gate of the Blue House ‘Cheongwadae’ (Souvenir Photo) → CheongwadaeSaragchae(Moday : Outside of the building) → Gyeongbokgung Palace & National Folk Museum & The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony (Tuesday : Deoksugung) → Jogyesa Temple → Lunch(Menu:DolsotBibimbab) → Bukak Skyway, Palgakjeong (Octagonal Pavilion) → [UNESCO] Changdeokgung Palace (Monday : Jongmyo Royal Shrine) → Insadong Antique Shop Alley→ NamsangolHanok Village (Monday : BukchonHanok Village)→Sungnyemun Gate (Monday :Outside of the Sungnyemun Gate) → Namdaemun Market → COEX
Price KRW 92,000 / person (Minimum 2 people basis)
Conditions Lunch, English speaking guide, transportation service and all admission is included.
Description Learn about the history of royal palaces and shop for traditional souvenirs at Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum, Insadong and Namdaemun Market. more
Tour Information
Chonggyecheon Stream
A long and modern public recreation space in downtown, Seoul. This stream used to exist only as a hidden waterway before it got restored in 2005. Unlike the initial concerns about the urban renewal, this space has become one of the most popular among residents and tourists. It flows west to east, then Jungangcheon which connects to Han River. Cheonggyecheon Stream is also famous for the annual Lantern Festival. Cheonggyecheon plaza is the official vehicle free area, where visitors can walk around freely and enjoy the surrounding coffee shops, restaurants and bars. It turns into a special, dreamy space with displays of light and water at the night time.
Gyeongbokgung Palace
With the meaning “Greatly Blessed by Heaven”, Gyeongbokgung Palace is situated in north of Gwanghwamun Square as one of the most famous tourist attractions of all Korea. After the capital of Joseon was moved from Kaesong (North Korea) to Hanyang (Seoul), it has served as the heart of the capital of Korea since. The premises have been destructed several times during Japanese Invasions and got restored. Visitors have opportunity to watch the changing of guards’ ceremonies at the main entrance Gwanghwamun. Visitors can also enjoy the National Palace Museum of Korea is located south of Heungnyemun Gate along with the National Folk Museum located on the eastern side within Hyangwonjeong.
Mt. Seoraksan Overnight Tour
Date/Time 1 Night 2 Days
Itinerary 1st DAY: Hotel (in Seoul)→ Mt. Seoraksan Park→ Gwongeumsung Fortress by Cable car (Doesn’t operate on bad weather) →Sinheungsa Temple→ Biseondae Cliffs→ Hotel
2nd DAY: Hotel→ Daepo Port→ Naksansa Temple→ Naksan Beach→ Goseong Unification Observatory→ Seoul→ Hotel (in Seoul)
Price KRW 480,000 / person (Minimum 4 people basis)
Conditions Accommodation [(in Gangwondo), double-occupancy], English Speaking tour guide, Transportation, All Admission is included.
Description Hike up the third highest mountain in Korea. Learn about Shilla-era at Sinheungsa Temple and walk along the peaceful Biseondae Rock for inspiration.
Jeju Island Tour (2 Nights 3 Days Program)
Date/Time 2 Nighst 3 Days
Itinerary 1st DAY: Hotel (in Seoul)→ Kimpo Airport→ Jeju Airport→ Seongsan Ilchulbong→ Lunch→ Seopjikoji→ Ilchul Land→ Seongeup Folk Village→ Hotel
2nd DAY: Hotel→ Botanical Garden Yeomiji→ Cheonjiyeon Falls→ Jusangjeolli Cliffs→ Lunch→ Sanbangsan→ Shilla Duty free Shop OR Dongmun Market→ Hotel
3rd DAY: Hotel→ Hallim Park→ Lunch→ Mysterious Road→ Yongduam Rock→ Jeju Airport→ Kimpo Airport→ Hotel
Price KRW 920,000 / person (Minimum 4 people basis)
Conditions Accommodation [(in Jeju), double-occupancy], English Speaking tour guide, Transportation, All Admission is included.
Description See the grand presence of the nature that Jeju represents. Go on a hike to the Sunrise Peak, ‘Seongsan Ilchulbong’ and see the breathtaking view from the coastline of Seopjikoji shore.

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